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Our Services

We provide specialised treatments for: injuries, pain, headache, backache, mobility and circulation problems, expectant mothers, new mums and more.

Tanti Avenue Massage & Myotherapy has been providing exceptional quality Massage and Myotherapy services to the community of Mornington and surrounding suburbs for over 15 years. Many types of Massage modalities are offered at Tanti Avenue Massage & Myotherapy including:

  • Remedial
  • Myotherapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Cupping
  • Deep Tissue
  • Pregnancy
  • Sports
  • Relaxation


All forms of massage can provide a wide range of benefits including:

  • relieving stress and tension
  • improving circulation and blood flow
  • bolstering the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • improving skin condition
  • relieving pain
  • having a positive effect on anxiety and depression by releasing ‘feel good’ endorphins into the body

However some specific massage and Myotherapy techniques can further enhance the benefits received. The following information is designed to help you understand the variety of services offered that may best suit your needs.

Remedial massage (including Deep Tissue)

Remedial massage is used to address a specific injury, pain, movement limitation or dysfunction i.e. lower back pain, headaches, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) etc. It can also be beneficial in the preparation (pre-hab) or rehabilitation from surgery. After a thorough medical and lifestyle history and, if necessary, some functional testing, a variety of techniques may be used to assist the body to restore function and eliminate or reduce the pain. These techniques may include trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, stretching, hot or cold therapy, postural taping or deep friction. Often ongoing maintenance including postural advice or exercise prescription is also provided.

Myotherapy (including Dry Needling and Cupping)

Myotherapy is often not well understood. Basically Myotherapy includes all the skills and techniques of a Remedial Massage with the additional qualifications to perform myofascial dry needling and cupping and the ability to provide additional prescriptive exercises. Dry Needling involves using very fine acupuncture needles to reduce tension within muscles (knots). Cupping involves using a glass or silicone cup to create a suction effect on the skin which encourages blood from deep tissue to be drawn through the muscles up to the surface.

Pregnancy massage

Massage is great for pregnant women and perfectly safe if performed by qualified therapists. With their bodies going through such dramatic changes – physically, hormonally and psychologically, pregnant women often need help with maintaining their movement, reducing their discomfort, improving sleep and energy levels and preparing their body for the birth. Massage can help with decreasing fluid retention, relieve aching sore lower backs, shoulders and feet. At Tanti Avenue Massage & Myotherapy we have a specially designed pregnancy cushion that will allow most women to lie face down very comfortably while providing great support for the baby for many months into their pregnancy. Alternatively a side lying or even seated massage may be preferred – the clients comfort and safety is always our no. 1 concern.

Sports Massage

A sports massage can be used to enhance performance, assist in recovery, help treat and prevent injuries of all athletes – professional or social. So if you are preparing for the big event, want to stay flexible and pain free between games, getting back into some activity or overdid the game of football with the kids on the weekend – a sports massage can help you achieve your goals.


Relaxation massage (sometimes called Swedish massage) is a smooth flowing treatment that encourages overall relaxation, enhances circulation, helps decrease anxiety and tension, improves sleep and promotes general wellbeing. A relaxation massage can be light or deeper in pressure, depending on client’s individual preference. If you need some time out from the stresses of work or life in general and need to refresh your body and mind, a relaxation massage could be just the trick.


Massage and Myotherapy Fees:

1/2 hour $70

1 hour $95

1 1/2 hour $135

2 hours $170