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Foam Rolling – Hamstring

04 October 2019


Foam rolling is a form of myofascial release engaging superficial layers to reduce muscle tightness, enhance flexibility and lengthen muscle tissue.

The benefits of foam rolling include:

  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Increase flexibility
  • Decrease stress related muscle tension
  • Enhance blood flow and rehabilitation

How often to foam roll? Great question, we recommend daily if possible, is a great way to end a long day at the office by jumping on the foam roller to release those tired muscles.

How long to foam roll? Another great question, it’s a bit like how long is a piece of string? … we recommend until you feel change within the muscle e.g. Does it feel softer / easier, set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes, 10 slow deep breathes from YOUR BELLY.

Foam Rolling can be done on grass outside versus on floor boards in the lounge room, wherever you feel comfortable. In saying this you do need a surface where the foam roller can roll (not sand or your bed).


Place the foam roller at the base of your hamstring just above your knee, with your opposing leg resting next to you or flexing your knee engaging in a quadriceps stretch. Foam Rolling is a slow engaging process with small rolls backwards and forwards focusing on any ‘knots’ sensitive areas rolling through the hamstring group.

After doing this through the hamstring we recommend a few full length rolls to finish.