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About Us

Massage and Myotherapy has many health benefits to help you enjoy life more. Our therapists are qualified and experienced in several massage and Myotherapy disciplines to best cater for your needs.

The expert team at Tanti Avenue Massage and Myotherapy offer complete muscle therapy on the Mornington Peninsula.

Meet our team who are committed to helping you achieve great results and find the most effective treatment for you.
Amy Gerreyn
Virginia Kalms
Ellen Kearns
Nick Kealy
Rinda Unchai
Kathleen Templin
Emily Roberts
Helen Gillies
Casey Paton

Our friendly and helpful receptionists

Monica Nichol
Christine Pingiaro

You will always be in safe, caring hands and a peaceful, nurturing environment when you have any massage therapy or Myotherapy treatment at Tanti Avenue Massage & Myotherapy.

Our Team

Massage and Myotherapy has many health benefits to help you enjoy life more. Our therapists are qualified and experienced in several massage and Myotherapy disciplines to best cater for your needs.

Amy Gerreyn

Remedial Massage Therapist

With a keen interest in helping people to understand their body’s needs, Amy obtained her remedial massage qualification in 2017. Immediately after graduating, Amy worked with various sporting teams in different sports but ultimately fell in love with having longer treatments with clients and tailoring each treatment to the individual client.

Amy still loves to co-manage athletes, though her special interest lies within auto-immune disorders.

Amy continues to develop her skills through looking into and understanding different conditions and complete more courses to continue developing her skill set.

Amy is currently completing her Myotherapy course.

Virginia (Gin) Kalms

Remedial Massage Therapist

Graduating her Diploma of Remedial Massage from Victoria University in 2005, Gin’s vast experience stems from working across a multitude of mixed-modality clinics both here and in Sydney. Her body knowledge is enriched by her love of anatomy, yoga instruction and a keen interest in the function of fascia within our body.

After living abroad in Asia and the USA, Gin has returned home with her family. A busy mum of two active daughters and young dog they keep busy bouncing between softball, swimming and regular basketball activities, with a special love for the all water sports especially stand-up paddle boarding.

Gin is currently studying the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy and enjoys constantly adding to her treatment knowledge.

“I love having the ability to help others achieve freedom of movement in their bodies without pain or resistance.”

Casey Paton

Remedial Massage Therapist

Casey is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist completing her training at Chisholm Institute.

She has a lifelong passion for sports and a keen interest in treating sports related injuries as well as prevention and maintenance.

She is also very interested in pregnancy treatments and women’s health and wellbeing, especially stress related issues and is continually developing her skills in this area.

Casey has worked with the Casey Demons Football Club which has reinforced her interest in Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Helping people to feel good about themselves and perform at their peak is Casey’s specialty and she endeavours to help all clients achieve their goals, whether it is just a relaxing massage or a tailored Injury treatment program.

Casey is currently on maternity leave, doing the most important job of all looking after little Billie, but will back with us in early 2020.

Ellen Kearns

Remedial Massage Therapist

Ellen is passionate about Remedial Massage and improving the health and well-being of her clients through the use of various techniques.

Ellen obtained her Diploma of Remedial Massage with VFA Learning in 2019 and is skilled in listening to her clients and their bodies to achieve a mutually agreed outcome.

Ellen is continuously researching conditions and building her skill base through ongoing education and training, volunteering her services to local sporting groups, and receiving regular Remedial Massage and Myotherapy treatments from other therapists.

Nick Kealy

Remedial Massage Therapist

Nick’s interest in anatomy and biomechanics of the body and also being a sporting enthusiast, led him to complete his Remedial Massage Diploma in 2018.

As Nick has had personal experience with injuries and pain he understands how frustrating and an-noying recovery can be.

Treatments provided by Nick are individually tailored to each client with an aim to provide the least painful but most beneficial treatment he can.

Nick’s ultimate goal is to help clients achieve a pain free result whilst provide education on preventative measures.

To further his understanding of human movement Nick is currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science.

Special interests include:
Injury Recovery & Prevention
Neck and Shoulder pain/stiffness
Back pain/stiffness

Rinda Unchai

Remedial Massage Therapist

Rinda is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and a member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA). Rinda’s previous experience includes 5 years as a professional Thai massage therapist working on the meridian (energy) lines within the body.
Rinda has an intuitive sense and feeling knowing where and for long to apply pressure with the aim of releasing muscular tension and stretching out muscles ultimately encouraging the return of energy flow around the body.

Kathleen Templin


Kathleen is a qualified Myotherapist from Chisholm Institute. Before studying massage she utilised her qualifications in Education primarily in the area of Sport and Outdoor Education.

Kathleen loves helping and guiding others to be their best selves.

Throughout her studies Kathleen worked as a sports trainer with the Noble Park football club. She has seen and treated a vast variety of sporting injuries and managed the players’ rehabilitation. Kathleen understands that these injuries don’t just happen to athletes and is committed to the recovery and rehabilitation of all injuries not just those suffered on sporting field.

Each of Kathleen’s treatments is tailored to the needs of the individual client. Myotherapy focuses on treating the symptoms as well as the cause. And with the help of corrective exercises Kathleen will help you get back to being your best.

Special interests include:

Injury prevention
Recovery from injury
Sports massage

Emily Roberts

Remedial Massage Therapist

Emily completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Chisholm Institute in July 2016 following her Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. Emily has accumulated a range of skills and knowledge she is eager to share with the community.

Believing that you learn something new every day, Emily is enthusiastic to continue understanding the human body and how she can best improve her clients wellbeing.

Emily believes that a treatment does not have to be painful. If the client can relax as much as possible and enjoy the treatment, the musculoskeletal system will allow for the optimal outcomes while still targeting deep muscle tissue.

Emily’s interests include:

Head aches
Neck and shoulder pain and stiffness

Helen Gillies


Helen has more than 15 years experience working in the massage industry and her qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Remedial Massage (Myotherapy,) a Diploma of Remedial Massage and a Diploma of Sports Massage. Helen’s commitment to providing the best possible care and attention to all clients at Tanti Avenue Massage & Myotherapy and her dedication to the local community of Mornington led her to buy the business in early 2014 after over 10 years working there as a therapist. Having over 10 years experience lecturing on Remedial Massage and Myotherapy courses, Helen is passionate about education in general and also through helping her clients better understand their bodies and how their action or inaction can affect their functionality and active daily life. Helen is not an advocate for the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy, but employs treatment techniques that still target deep muscle tissue while working well within the clients pain limits and achieving very effective outcomes.

Interests include:

Pre / Post natal massage
Surgery preparation and rehabilitation
Headaches and Migraines

Monica Nichol


Monica joined the Tanti Ave Massage and Myotherapy team in 2017, excited to expand her career into the health industry, she brings substantial experience in administration and interpersonal skills.

Monica has great problems solving skills and is great at multitasking which makes her a valuable team member. She enjoys meeting and greeting clients and has a great ability to accommodate you with the first best available appointment and Therapist to suit your requests.

Christine Pingiaro


Christine is one of our receptionists at Tanti Avenue Massage and Myotherapy.  She has worked at the clinic since 2017, following a work history in the Business Banking Industry and in account management for a number of Wholesalers, specialising in account acquisition and sales.  Her diligence to the job and attention to detail makes her a valuable team member.

Christine is friendly and accommodating in her role and willing to arrange the optimal appointments and appropriate therapist for your concerns.  She also manages to maintain cleanliness and order, which makes the clinic a relaxing, enjoyable place to be.

Other Practitioners at TAMM

Emma Loftus – Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner

Emma was introduced to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy in 2013 and subsequently travelled to London to complete her studies with the Craniosacral Trust.

Certificate in Living Anatomy (Craniosacral Trust)

Diploma; Foundation in Craniosacral Biodynamics (Craniosacral Trust)

Emma found this subtle therapy to have far reaching effects on clients, with many reporting not just a relief of tension from an area but also a deep sense of relaxation, and of awareness.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy has been known to help alleviate the following;

Headaches / Migraines;
Stress / Anxiety;
Problems sleeping / Disrupted sleep;
Low energy;
Digestive issues;
Tension in the body (back, lower back, sacrum, shoulders, neck, legs, arms etc).
TMJ pain (Jaw pain, facial pain);
This therapy can also provide resourcing support to someone who may be living with chronic pain; degenerative or terminal illness.

The study of Embryology was another factor that drew Emma to the Biodynamic work, to learn to work from the blueprint level of our beginnings and to observe the organising forces that created us, which remain present throughout life. This study is ongoing and fascinating, and Emma continues to update her knowledge through advanced courses and lectures with leaders in the field of Embryology and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy:

The Embryo within us; Dr Jaap Van Der Wal

Heart Ignition and the Midline; Dr Michael Shea

Professor Brian Freeman Embryology Series: The Musculoskeletal System

Prior to her training in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, Emma has been an Equine Craniosacral Practitioner since 2011, and currently has a busy practice servicing suburban and rural Victoria. She has found that the inherent presence and stillness that the Horse naturally embodies has enriched her Biodynamic practice with people.

Emma Loftus. RCST, BCST.
Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner.
0424 630 245